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Furnace Inspection Details

Since our last post about the importance of getting your heating system tuned-up before the start of each cold weather season, the temperatures here in Charlotte have certainly changed. For a while, it seemed as if Fall may never arrive, but alas, cooler temperatures are finally showing up on the forecast. Odds are that most of us have not turned our heating system on yet, but it’s just a matter of time! Let’s discuss what’s going to happen during the yearly inspection, so that your furnace is in top shape once that time comes.

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When making an appointment for a furnace inspection with McClintock Heating & Cooling, keep in mind that the appointment will last for approximately 60 to 90 minutes per system.  The first thing that your McClintock Heating & Cooling technician will do is to check the overall exterior condition and appearance of your unit. Has rust or corrosion formed since the last inspection? Is the furnace off balance? Are there any abnormal noises coming from the unit or any household items stored a little too closely to the furnace? These small details are things that we as homeowners overlook in our day to day lives, but with the trained eye of the technician can be caught and quickly fixed before they cause a major problem.

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After the initial assessment, the technician will begin the more detailed tasks of the inspection. Fans, burner assembly, ignition assembly and heat exchanger will be cleaned while the technician checks each for any defects. All exposed ductwork will be assessed for leaks and thermostats will be checked and calibrated if needed. Indoor coils are then inspected, the outdoor coils are cleaned and air filters are inspected and replaced if requested. Be sure to have the correct size filters on hand or when scheduling your appointment, ask about your service company about providing them.

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Once complete, the McClintock Heating & Cooling technician furnishes an inspection report that includes details of any abnormal conditions. If there are problems to be fixed, the technician will be able to make the fixes right then and there, or can re-schedule a time that is more convenient for you!

Though you may be sad to see the warmer temperatures hibernate for the winter, after your seasonal furnace inspection, you can rest assured that you’ll still have warm temperatures inside!