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Spring Cleaning for Your Air Conditioner

During what had been a winter of record breaking proportions, it sometimes seemed as if the season would never end. Lately, however, we’ve been teased with some warmer temperatures and by looking at the calendar, it’s clear to see that spring has arrived. For as much snow, ice and cold temperatures as Charlotte received this year, we will no doubt forget about it all once temperatures and humidity start to creep higher and higher. The cool interiors of our homes serve as an oasis in the southern summer heat, so the changing seasons are a good reminder to get your air conditioners tuned up in order to keep your home cool and comfortable through all of the warmer months.


As we discussed last fall, it’s easy to lament and wonder why we must keep everything in our lives maintained…including our heating and cooling units. Just as it’s often times easy to skip a dentist appointment, it’s no doubt tempting to not schedule a yearly air conditioning tune-up. But just as skipped dental appointments can turn minor cavities into root canals, missing yearly air conditioning tune-ups can turn small problems into a hefty repair bill.


A yearly tune-up with McClintock Heating & Cooling will provide a multitude of benefits for your air conditioning unit and home as a whole. The maintenance performed by the technicians at McClintock Heating & Cooling during the inspection will not only improve the system’s efficiency, but will also prevent breakdowns and extend it’s life. The yearly tune-up also provides benefits that the whole family can enjoy – a well running and maintained air conditioning unit delivers comfortable and consistent temperatures throughout the entire home.

Perhaps the best benefit of a yearly air conditioning inspection with McClintock Heating & Cooling, is the peace of mind that you’ll have going into the warm months, knowing that your system is ready for the heat that is ahead!