Air Conditioning Tune-up Details

Last month, we went through the reasons of why getting a yearly inspection on your air conditioning unit is imperative in the long term quality and function of the unit, but what’s just as important as “Why do I need to get my air conditioning unit inspected?” is “What are they doing out there during the inspection and why can’t I just do it myself?”

While there are certain tasks you can do throughout the year to assure that your air conditioning unit is running well, such as changing the filter and keeping the unit clear of leaves and other debris, the functions of a yearly inspection should be left to the professionals. During the 60-90 minute inspection, the technicians at McClintock Heating and Cooling will go through various safety checks and preventative maintenance measures to keep your system in top shape.

The first step of the inspection process is to do an overall assessment of the unit. Your technician will check to make sure that there is nothing interfering with the air flow such as foliage or other items like a grill or patio furniture. From there, the outdoor coil will be inspected for heat transfer loss and they will also be cleaned. The fans will be both inspected and cleaned, as well, while the exposed ductwork will be checked for any leaks. Other items checked during this process include drains, relays, contractors, and the indoor coils.


During the inspection, other parts of the air conditioner are inspected with a little more detail. The refrigerant will be checked for proper charge to be sure that there are no leaks. The unit’s thermostats will be checked and calibrated if needed – an essential function for a home to be kept at a comfortable temperature. Air filters are also inspected, and if the customer requests, they will be replaced.

At the end of this process, your McClintock Heating and Cooling technician will provide you with an inspection report that details the state of your unit and the inspection results. This is a great time to ask your technician any questions that you may have regarding the heating or cooling of your home!


To schedule your yearly AC inspection, call McClintock Heating and Cooling at 704-321-5207 or follow this linkfor easy scheduling online! For any questions regarding your AC unit or the yearly tune-up process, leave them in the comments section below!   


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