Benefits of Whole-Home Humidity

Dry throat, chapped skin, static cling. Most of us know all too well that these are the results that sometimes occur while running the heat inside your home during the winter. While you may see these side effects as minor inconveniences, did you know that if the humidity level in your home goes below 30%, that the results could be more than just “minor?” Existing health conditions such as allergies and asthma can be exacerbated, while porous materials in your home, like moldings and hardwood floors, can be damaged. But by bringing your home’s humidity to its optimum level, your health and the contents of your home will only benefit!

We’re all familiar with portable humidifiers that can be placed throughout a home or office to provide humidity during the cold weather months. These humidifiers range in size to provide humidity to space as small as an office cubicle to large enough to service several rooms. However, portable humidifiers have proven to be an inconvenience and a health hazard at the same time. Not only do you have to replenish the water in the machine daily, but precautions must be made to keep the reservoir extremely clean, as bacteria can form and be sprayed into the air by the humidifier.

The better alternative to the portable humidifier is a whole-house humidifier. While many whole- house humidifiers operate only when the heating system is running, the technicians at McClintock Heating and Cooling install steam humidifiers in the homes of their customers. The Honeywell TrueSTEAM provides humidity to homes up to 3,000 square feet while using significantly less water than other whole-house humidifiers, making it eco-friendly. And as for the health of those inside of your home, TrueSTEAM produces a “true steam,” hence the name, eradicating any opportunity for bacteria growth.

Installation of the whole-house humidifier takes approximately 4-6 hours. During this time, your McClintock Heating and Cooling technician will install the humidifier either directly on your furnace or remotely up to 20 feet away. In most cases, your technician will also install a new thermostat that will control both the heating and cooling of the home as well as the humidity, eliminating the need to have multiple controls taking up space on your walls.

As for maintenance, it really does not get much easier! Once the spring hits, the humidifier will be shut down and drained in preparation for the already humid summer months. Depending on the hardness of your water, the humidifier will only need cleaned and maintained once per year, which can take place during your yearly furnace maintenance (insert link of maintenance blog post). Once the unit is cleaned and any mineralization removed, your humidifier will be ready to provide comfort to your home for another winter!

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