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McClintock Heating and Cooling is a family owned and operated HVAC service and installation company, proudly serving Matthews, NC and the greater Charlotte area. With a focus on quality people, quality products, and quality service, our goal is to provide total satisfaction with your heating and air conditioning needs.


From heat pumps to central air systems to furnaces, our professional technicians can not only provide solutions for your heating and cooling needs, but can also help you reduce energy costs and improve your indoor air quality. With more than 60 years of combined experience, contact us today for your heating and cooling needs!


August 29,  2016

Have you changed your air filter lately? We have had several calls from folks whose system isn't working and when we arrive the system is frozen due to reduced airflow from dirty filters. This is the most common cause of frozen coils so save yourself time and money by replacing your filters!  You should change your filters at least every 60 days during the cooling season, and every 90 days during the rest of the year. If you have a washable filter, rinse out the mesh screen in a laundry sink or outside with a hose and allow to dry before replacing.


An overview of our company philosophy of great customer service as well as action shots of various members of the team.




NC HVAC License # - 20254-H2-H3    NC Electrical License # - 22965-L   
SC HVAC License # - 112469



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