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Energy Efficient Heating Systems
In the United States, the efficiency of heating is usually rated by the Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER). The higher the SEER rating is, the more energy efficient the heating system. The United States now requires that all residential systems manufactured have a minimum SEER rating of 13 or higher. Substantial energy savings can be obtained from more efficient heating systems. For example by upgrading from a 10 SEER to a 16 SEER, the power consumption is reduced by 30%. This can result in an energy savings of up to $300 per year, depending on the usage rate and the cost of electricity*. In many cases, the lifetime energy savings are likely to surpass the higher initial cost of a high-efficiency unit.

* Potential saving comparing a 10 SEER system to a 16 SEER system. Actual energy savings vary based on lifestyle, system settings and size, maintenance, climate and installation.

Gas & Oil Furnaces
All winter long, you depend on your furnace to meet the heating needs of your family and home. That’s why we install Trane gas and oil furnaces because they perform again and again, year after year. Beyond performance, we also install options for energy-efficient operation. In fact, some of the furnaces operate at over 95% efficiency, which means that 95% of the fuel you pay for is actually converted into heat for your home.

Heat Pumps
Providing year-round performance for total home comfort, heat pumps are a great solution for your home comfort needs. That’s because they work to provide both heating and cooling. Whether it’s the hottest day of the summer, or the coldest day of winter, Trane heat pumps work day in and day out to keep your family in premium comfort.


Packaged Dual Fuel
Packaged heating and air conditioning systems contain the same components you find in a typical split system. However, they’re all engineered to work together in one cabinet. And, just like other Trane systems, you have a variety of efficiency levels and air handling options to select from.

Year-round Durability
Exclusive components like the Climatuff™ two-step compressor, the all-aluminum Spine Fin coil, Weather Beater Top, and the variable-speed blower motor with Comfort-R™ will deliver the sustained performance you expect year after year.

Quiet Operation
Ultra quiet operation delivers comfort without disrupting your home environment

Variable Speed Systems
The Trane TruComfort™ systems give you precise comfort by running at the exact speed needed to keep your home comfortable. This allows the compressor, outdoor fan, and indoor fan to vary operating speed and BTU as the temperature outside changes, slowing down or speeding up gradually in as little as 1/10 of 1% increments to keep comfort within 1/2° of the thermostat setting.

Mini Splits (Ductless HVAC Systems)
Get reliable heating and cooling without the ductwork with a ductless heating and cooling system by Trane. Built for superior comfort, our combination ductless heating and cooling systems can be easily mounted on the wall or in the ceiling. Ductless HVAC systems are a flexible, high-efficiency choice for homeowners looking for simple zoned comfort solutions.

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