Heating System Maintenance

Through regular servicing, safety checks and preventative maintenance, you can ensure that your heating system functions properly and efficiently, extending its service life. These preventative measures are the keys to a long service life with few repairs. Here are a few the items that McClintock Heating and Cooling checks, cleans and services when performing your heating system maintenance:

  • Outdoor coil will be inspected for heat transfer loss
  • Fans will be inspected & cleaned
  • Clean & adjust burner assembly
  • Clean ignition assembly
  • Clean heat exchanger or elements
  • Monitor flue draft
  • Exposed ductwork will be checked for leaks
  • Thermostats will be checked and calibrated as required
  • Motors and bearings will be lubricated as required
  • Controls and safeties will be tested as needed
  • Drains will be checked
  • Relays and contactors will be inspected
  • Unit wiring and electrical disconnect will be inspected
  • Humidifier operation will be checked, where applicable
  • Temperatures and pressures will be recorded
  • Indoor coils will be inspected
  • Air filters will be inspected and replaced if requested
  • Outdoor coils will be cleaned
  • Furnish inspection report and advise of any abnormal conditions

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