Important Information about Trane Air Conditioners

We are proud to offer Trane air conditioners to our valued clientele. This highly-rated group of world- class HVAC products is designed to provide homeowners with unprecedented comfort, while also optimizing energy efficiency and lowering monthly energy bills. If you’re looking for the ultimate in whisper-quiet performance, rugged, durable construction, and cutting-edge features, you’ll really enjoy learning more about what Trane air conditioners have to offer…

Trane produces a range of air conditioner products that are suitable for all types of residences; whether you’re living in a condo with limited square footage or residing in a larger multi level home you’ll be able to find a Trane air conditioning system that is tailor-made for your individual needs. Trane air conditioners offer excellent efficiency ratings also feature extensive limited warranties (10-year compressor, coil and functional parts warranties are offered on most models).Since McClintock Heating and Cooling is an independent Trane air conditioning dealer, we will be there to guide you through choosing the perfect Trane air conditioning system for your home.. Our team of caring, highly-skilled specialists will look at your fuel source, examine your home layout, discover your needs, and then give you the sort of expert advice that your family deserves.

We may recommend a “matched split system” with an outdoor unit and indoor evaporation coil that has been certified as an approved match for guaranteed performance and efficiency. These systems are handpicked by our comfort consultants for the best fit for your home. We use only proven products and applications that over time have met our high standards of reliability and comfort.

To find out more about the power and affordability of reliable, well-made Trane air conditioners, please contact us today at 704.321.5207. Our team of specialists is standing by to answer your questions.

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